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Meet Our Publisher And Editor-in-Chief, Anita Evans

“I started as a fashion designer in 2013. I always wanted to be one. It was my customers at a hair salon that inspired me to pursue this career. They loved my style and all my trending heels, handbags, and accessories.

I lived in Atlanta and opened my first fashion and beauty store in the area in 2009. My hair salon was also published in OKHAIR Magazine. The success of it is overwhelming and surprising. I also went to the Walk Fashion Runway Show in Atlanta in 2016.

One of the challenges I had while working on this industry is trying to please everyone instead of focusing on my vision and mission. Protocol and order are also my challenges.

To someone who’s just trying to enter this industry because it looks easy, I advise that you don’t do it unless it’s your passion and calling. Nothing is impossible when you believe in God. Just watch him do amazing things for you. No matter how hard it gets or how many rejections you receive, just keep dreaming, visualizing, and thriving until you reach the top.”


Our Mission

We aim to be the number one magazine that covers anything between lifestyle, real estate, various types of culture, and many more.

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